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On this section you can see some statistics about the draw for the running order. All is updated with E-MC 149 (except 1., 2. and 9. which are updated after E-MC Free Countries)
1. The winner performed at...

2. Average scores for each draw position:

3. Host countries that opened or closed the shows:

E-MC 3
FYR Macedonia
  E-MC 39 Poland
E-MC 7
  E-MC 51 Cyprus
E-MC 54
San Marino
  E-MC 77 Monaco
E-MC 82
  E-MC 87 Turkey
E-MC 103
  E-MC 122 Italy
E-MC 109
  E-MC 143 Sweden
E-MC 117
United Kingdom
E-MC 120 Ireland
E-MC 128 Croatia

4. Who opened the shows? Fourty-three different countries opened E-MC editions so far:

# of times
Israel, Italy and Monaco
FYR Macedonia, Germany,
Greece, Norway and Turkey
Cyprus, Denmark and Portugal
Albania, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina,,
Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia
Hungary, Netherlands and Spain
Iceland, Estonia, France, Liechtenstein,
Morocco, Romania, Russia,
San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom
Andorra, Bulgaria, Lebanon and Luxembourg
Austria, Czech Republic, Finland,
Kazakhstan, Switzerland and Ukraine
All the other countries
--> Never opened an edition

5. Who closed the shows? Fourty-six different countries opened E-MC editions so far:

# of times
United Kingdom
Poland and Turkey
Israel and Sweden
Cyprus, Hungary, Italy and Lithuania
Denmark, Greece, France,
Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Ukraine
Albania, Bulgaria, Germany,
Monaco and Netherlands
Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia,
Malta, Morocco, Norway, Romania and Spain
Belgium, Croatia, Estonia,
Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg,
Moldova, San Marino and Switzerland
Andorra, Armenia,
Georgia, Iceland,
Montenegro, Palestine and Serbia
All the other countries
--> Never closed an edition

6. How many times a country was drawn at a specific position?

The complete table is HERE. Below is a list of positions for which each country was drawn more times:

7. Countries performing side-by-side...

The complete table is HERE. The countries that performed more times side-by-side are:

8. Which country performed at the winning draw position on the previous edition? (only regular editions)

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