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Since 2004!
Important Calendar:

January 7th - E-MC BOTB 13 results
January 20th - Last day to vote for E-MC 145
January 22th - E-MC 145 results
January 30th - Last day to submit E-MC 146 entries
February 1st - E-MC 146 starts
Did you know
Only three of the allowed countries never took part at a regular edition of E-MC:
  • Algeria;
  • Kosovo;
  • Libya
Did you know
Twelve countries managed to win more than once in the same host country:
  • Spain won 3 times in Italy;
  • Cyprus won twice in Portugal;
  • Denmark won twice in Turkey;
  • Germany won twice in Portugal;
  • Greece won twice in Serbia;
  • Ireland won twice in the United Kingdom;
  • Italy won twice in Spain;
  • Liechtenstein won twice in Portugal;
  • Poland won twice in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Portugal won twice in Monaco and twice in Spain;
  • Turkey won twice in Portugal;
  • United Kingdom won twice in Spain.
Did you know
Twice since E-MC started, a country hosted at the same time E-MC and ESC:
  • ESC 2008 & E-MC Live in Serbia;
  • ESC 2015 & E-MC 118 in Austria.

Welcome to another year full of great music with E-MC and welcome back to Fontvieille, Monaco!
E-MC 145 brought us back to Monaco and we have 27 countries taking part.
Please check all the information at the E-MC 145 and E-MC 145 Media & Voting sections.
Everyone MUST vote until January 20th. GOOD LUCK!

E-MC BOTB 13 has come to an end and we had 18 members voting (thank you!). .

You can still review everything HERE.

For the last regular edition of 2017 we were back in Paris and what an amazing show it was! E-MC 144 had 28 great songs but only one could win... and Monaco did it again with a singer that won a Métro Music Award in 2016 for singing in the subway of... Paris :) You can still review everything HERE.

Several countries are still free to be taken. Check the members page, pick a country and fill the form on the left to start playing in this contest.

Updates with E-MC 144

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