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(updated after E-MC 190)

  • Number of editions until now: 225
  • Number of entries until now: 5687
  • Total participating countries until now: 57
  • Edition with more entries (*): E-MC 33 (35 countries)
  • Edition with less entries: E-MC Nostalgie (11 countries)
(*) E-MC X2 had 36 songs taking part (from 18 members), but only 19 entries in the final.

Medals Table


TOP 10 points Table:

Bottom 3 Table

About the Winners...

In 225 editions, only seven times a country won E-MC when hosting an edition: Russia (E-MC 18), Israel (E-MC 26), Monaco (E-MC 55), Hungary (E-MC 74), Italy (E-MC 121), Ukraine (E-MC 158) and Turkey (E-MC French).

So far, 15 countries managed to win more than once at the same host country (Bosnia and Herzegovina won twice in Serbia; Cyprus won twice in Portugal; Denmark won twice in Turkey; Germany won 3 times in Portugal; France won twice in Greece; Greece won twice in Serbia; Ireland won twice in the United Kingdom; Italy won twice in Spain; Liechtenstein won twice in Portugal; Norway won twice in France; Poland won twice in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Portugal won twice in Monaco and twice in Spain; Spain won twice in Germany and 3 times in Italy; Turkey won twice in Poland and twice in Portugal; United Kingdom won twice in Spain).

The next two tables show the top largest and bottom narrowest margins achieved by E-MC winners:

In the next table, % is calculated by number of times a country awarded 12 points (for predicted) or 0 points (for ignored) to the winner divided by the number of times that country voted in E-MC editions (finals only):