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(updated after E-MC 164)

The Winner performed at...

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Countries that performed at the 00s positions

The table below shows the songs that performed at positions 100, 200, and so on. It was made using all the running orders (songs in the pre-rounds performed first than songs only in the final - for E-MC 19, 20 and 28; for the editions with qualification groups, the running order is: group 1, group 2, group 3 and the hosting country)

 Position EditionCountry  Position EditionCountry
100  E-MC 6 Portugal 200  E-MC 9B Spain
300  E-MC 14 Poland 400  E-MC 17 Luxembourg
500  E-MC 19 Portugal 600  E-MC 23 Hungary
700  E-MC 27 Switzerland         800  E-MC 30 France
900  E-MC 32 Iceland 1000  E-MC 35 Israel
1100  E-MC 38 Estonia 1200  E-MC 41 Poland
1300  E-MC 44 Serbia 1400  E-MC 47 Denmark
1500  E-MC 51 Turkey 1600  E-MC 54 Ukraine
1700  E-MC 57 Liechtenstein 1800  E-MC 61 Italy
1900  E-MC 64 Lithuania 2000  E-MC 67 Ukraine
2100  E-MC 70 Italy 2200  E-MC Surprise  Netherlands (playing with Switzerland) 
2300  E-MC 77 Albania 2400  E-MC 81 Romania
2500  E-MC 85 Turkey 2600  E-MC 88 Portugal
2700  E-MC 91 Greece 2800  E-MC 2012 Belgium
2900  E-MC 96 Serbia 3000  E-MC 99 Norway
3100  E-MC 102 Cyprus 3200  E-MC Rap Albania
3300  E-MC 108 Czech Republic  3400  E-MC 111 Netherlands
3500  E-MC 114 Albania 3600  E-MC 117 Russia
3700  E-MC 121 Netherlands 3800  E-MC 123 Czech Republic
3900  E-MC 127 Slovenia 4000  E-MC 130 Cyprus
4100  E-MC 133 Turkey 4200  E-MC 137 Estonia
4300  E-MC 139 Austria 4400  E-MC 1990s Norway
4500  E-MC 146 Luxembourg 4600  E-MC 149 France
4700  E-MC 153 Sweden 4800  E-MC 156 Greece
4900  E-MC 160  Spain 5000  E-MC 164 Germany

Who Opened (openshows) and Closed (closeshows) an E-MC Edition

Country# of times opening the show
 rs   tr openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows
 rs   rs   rs   rs   rs  openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows
 rs   rs   rs   rs  openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows
 rs   rs   rs  openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows 
 rs   rs   rs   rs   rs   rs   openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows
 fr   hu   nl   ro   openshowsopenshowsopenshowsopenshows
 bg   ee   is   li   ma   ru   sm   si   se   gb   openshowsopenshowsopenshows
 ad   lb   lu   openshowsopenshows
 at   cz   fi   kz   mt   ch   ua   va openshows

Country# of times closing the show
 gb  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   tr  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 se   ua  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   rs  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   rs   rs   hu   li   rs   rs   si  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   fr  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   bg   rs   nl   rs  closeshowscloseshowscloseshowscloseshows
 at   cz   rs   mt   ma   ro   rs  closeshowscloseshowscloseshows
 rs   rs   ee   rs   lv   lu   md   sm   ch  closeshowscloseshows
 ad   am   ge   is   me   ps   rs  closeshows

EditionHost Country           Edition Host Country 
E-MC 3 North Macedonia openshows E-MC 39Polandcloseshows
E-MC 7Italyopenshows E-MC 51Cypruscloseshows
E-MC 54San Marinoopenshows E-MC 77Monacocloseshows
E-MC 82Sloveniaopenshows E-MC 87Turkeycloseshows
E-MC 103Denmarkopenshows  E-MC 122 Italycloseshows
E-MC 109Spainopenshows E-MC 143Swedencloseshows
E-MC 117United Kingdomopenshows E-MC 158Ukrainecloseshows
 E-MC 120Irelandopenshows    
E-MC 128Croatiaopenshows    
 E-MC 156 Serbiaopenshows    

How many times a country performed at a specific position?

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Average scores for each position in the running order

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Countries performing side-by-side

For the complete table please click the arrow arrow. The countries that performed more times side-by-side are:

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Which country performed at the winning position on the previous edition? (only regular editions)

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