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For each edition (not counting the pre and qualification rounds), the average points awarded per country were find, using the total points and the number of voters. Then, the average of those averages were made (APA).
Before E-MC 29, the real points were used for those that didn't vote (because the 50% rule was only a way of finding the final results)
From E-MC 29 on, as those who didn't vote got 0 points and substitute countries were used, also the real points are used.

# means the number of entries in the final. The small number next to it means the number of entries that didn't qualify from the pre-round.

Average Points Awarded Ranking (After E-MC Seventies)
Annual Rankings

The annual rankings were produced with the same rules, only counting the editions of that specific year. No approximations were made; that is why sometimes you'll see two or more countries with the same average but in different places.

Ranking Evolution (After 2016 editions)