rules Rules

General rules...

G1. Every year, E-MC has twelve regular editions (one each month), two special editions and one Best of the Best edition, according to the following calendar:
  • Regular editions start on the 1st of each month;
  • Last day to vote for regular editions: the 20th of each month;
  • Song submission period for regular editions: between the 21st and the second last day of the month before (or earlier);
  • The first special edition of each year runs from April 16th until April 30th with a song submission period between April 1st and April 13th (or earlier);
  • The second special edition of each year runs from October 16th until October 30th with a song submission period between October 1st and October 13th (or earlier).
  • The Best of the Best edition of each year starts on December 26th.
G2. Each member represents the EBU/EUR active member (or any other sovereign european country) of his/her choice and submits a song for that country.

G3.The singer/group must be from the country the member is representing with the following exceptions:
  • A singer/group that has already represented (or will represent in the current year) the same country in Eurovision Song Contest can be submitted;
  • A singer can represent a specific country if he/she has roots in that country, in other words, if one of his/her parents was born in that country or if she/he was born there;
  • Some countries due to size (in area and/or population) are allowed to enter an artist/group that can represent another country, according to the next table, and using the rule "first in, first served":
 Country  Can enter from...  However..
 Andorra  Spain 
 Cyprus  Greece Must enter a singer/group from Cyrpus every 5 editions
 Liechtenstein  Germany 
 Luxembourg Belgium 
 Monaco France 
 Montenegro Serbia Must enter a singer/group from Montenegro every 5 editions 
 San Marino Italy 
 Vatican City Italy 

G4. The song can be any length.

G5. From E-MC 76 on, the song cannot be an eurovision entry as the members decided on a poll (see results here). Appart from that, it can be any song, as long as it follows rule G3.

G6. E-MC members MUST check the "All entries" file to make sure the chosen song was never sent to E-MC before and, if it is a cover, the original song (or any other covers of the same song) was never submitted to the contest.

G7. If a member doesn't send a song THREE editions in a row, the country will be set free immediately after the start of the third of those editions.

G8. A member can change the country at any time (unless he/she is hosting). The request must be sent by email to the Manager during the edition before the new country will take effect.

Specific rules...

S1. Submitting a song means sending an audio file to the manager. The formats accepted for the audio file are mp3, m4a, wav or wma files. If a member wants to submit a song that he/she only has the audio or video link on the net, he/she can send that link to the Manager and it will be converted to an audio file in order to be available to all members (the Manager cannot guarantee the best audio quality of the file).

S2. It is optional to submit a link for a video clip and/or a picture to be used on the online radio.

S3. Qualification round:

a) When there are 35 or less songs in a regular edition, there will be only one final.
b) When there are more than 35 songs in a regular edition, the final will have 25 songs. The host country is directly qualified for the final and all the other members will compete in a pre-round where we vote for some songs to be eliminated.

S4. In the final, members vote using the eurovision style (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1) and indicating also the 11th, 12th and 13th places on their individual ranking of all songs (reserved votes). Reserved voted will be used if some countries that were given points don't vote.

S5. Every member that does not vote before the deadline, will end with 0 points.

S6. Regular editions are hosted by the winning country of the previous edition.

S7. Every year, during February, members are invited to submit ideas for the special editions. In March members vote for those ideas in order to decide the themes for both special editions.

S8. The first special edition is hosted by the country represented by the member that submitted the theme for that edition.

S9. The second special edition is hosted by the country that won the first special edition.

S10. The Best of the Best edition is hosted by the country that won the second special edition.

S11. The Best of the Best edition each year has all TOP 3 songs of the editions from that year, plus songs that ended up with the same points as the third place.

Other information...

O1. At the beginning of each edition, the songs will be available to listen at the specific pages.

O2. E-MC is for fun. Any offensive comment or any written misbehavior won't be allowed. The consequences may be expulsion from the group.